Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) ICD 8936/3

NIH National Cancer Instiute

KIT-mutated GIST

  • GIST882 (KIT Exon 13 mutated GIST)
    • GIST882B (subline of GIST882 - KIT negative)
  • GIST-T1   (KIT Exon 11 mutated GIST)
  • GIST430 (KIT Exon 11 + 13 mutated GIST)
    • GIST430-11 (subline of GIST430, only exon 11 mutated)
  • GIST48 (KIT Exon 11 + 17 mutated GIST)
    • GIST48B (subline of GIST48 - KIT negative)


There are different types of isogenic sublines available: CRISPR sublines and IM-resistant GIST-T1 sublines created by selective pressure.

PDGFRa-mutated GIST

  • PDGFRa-mutated GIST-T1 sublines available (see list of CRISPR sublines) 
  • no cell lines registered yet

NF1-mutated GIST

  • no cell lines registered yet

Wildtyp GIST

  • no cell lines registered yet


  • no cell lines registered yet

Down here you can exchange information about GIST models (questions, comments, problems, etc).

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